Launching a new organization is a daunting task.  At times, not knowing how God would provide, has been overwhelming but we have had the joy of watching Him at work.  This is an example of how God provides for our needs.

An important need when starting an organization like Wings of Blessing (WOB) involves obtaining a facility.  Where would we go and how would we afford a facility when we don’t have the funds?  Through God ordained connections, we were introduced to a man who owns a sizable hangar facility in Cleburne, Texas.  We had the opportunity to share with him what we are doing and our need for hangar space.  He owns two airplanes that haven’t flown in several years.  In return for use of the facility we agreed to maintain his airplanes.  We saw this as God’s way of providing a facility that would allow us the opportunity to start working with our airplanes as God leads in how He wants to use them. 

We are grateful for the blessing we have received through the use of the hangar.  While we realize this is only temporary we are trusting that God has a permanent place for us.  We are walking with Him and trusting in His plan to provide for Wings of Blessing.