The process of sending the airplanes back to the U.S. required that the Indonesian government de-register them.  This allowed for the importation and registration as U.S. aircraft.  When I submitted the documents needed by the FAA one of the airplanes was turned down due to a discrepancy with the paperwork.

Dick and Jeff

 While the paperwork was in English, the discrepancy was due to a translation error from Indonesian to English and some verbiage was used that raised flags for the FAA.  They required that we assemble the airplane proving that it is a complete aircraft.  To do that Brad and I needed help and God sent some volunteers.  Together we were able to get the wings installed along with the flight controls.  After sending photos of the complete aircraft we are now waiting on a reply from the FAA.  Please pray that God directs the paperwork to the right person who is able to grant the U.S. registration.
We are grateful that God wants to use all of us to accomplish the task of building His Kingdom.  There will be many more opportunities in the future for volunteer help.  Hopefully, we will see you at the hangar one day.