( Image above: La Mosquitia (or Miskito Coast) is named for the indigenous people who live there and speak the Miskito dialect, not from the insect.)

The need in Honduras is great, for both an effective flight ministry, and for the continuing functioning of a Christian hospital.

Virtually every person who has spent any amount of time in this area can relate stories of suffering and death, occasioned by inadequate access to competent medical care.

During the recent meetings, Ementerio Herrera (a member of the Alas de Socorro Board of Directors) recounted a tragic situation in his village of Wampu Sirpi.

The family of a woman in labor came to him, knowing that he was associated with Alas de Socorro. They urgently wanted to transfer her to Ahuas as the labor was not going well. Ementerio had the unfortunate task of telling the family that Alas de Socorro had neither a pilot, nor an airworthy plane. The woman and her child passed away a short time later. Had a plane been able to fly the patient to Ahuas, she and her baby would both have had a chance at life.

Thank you for your prayers for Mike and me (Brad). There were spiritual battles going on as we fought to get to Ahuas, Honduras to meet with the board of the failed flight program (Alas de Socorro ) serving the Miskito Coast. Thank you for praying for our travels, our meetings, and God’s will to be done.

Two days before we left, Mike and I got tested for COVID. I had a negative, but Mike tested positive, even though he had no symptoms. The next day Mike was retested, and just hours before our flight, he received a negative test resultAfter arriving in Guatemala City we met with our partners at AGAPE and our UIM Aviation partners, who arrived in their Cessna 206. We all met together with the AGAPE board to discuss our plans for Ahuas.

Monday morning, our two Cessna’s took off for Honduras. However, about 15 minutes into our flight, we lost our alternator and we had to go back to Guatemala City. After a quick repair we were once again in the air, but about 15 minutes into the flight we again experienced the same failure of our alternator. Again we turned around and landed back at Guatemala City. Thankfully, after replacing the alternator, we were able to make it to Ahuas for the last afternoon of the meetings on Wednesday.


Meeting in Ahuas with the Board

The Board voted to allow Wings of Blessing to manage the flight program in Ahuas

The board of Alas de Socorro had expressed their concerns and asked questions. Mike and I explained our conditions for taking over the flight program. They voted unanimously to accept our conditions, and we finished with them singing a song of praise for the Lord bringing us together.

  • Thank you for your prayers as we saw God provide us with negative COVID test results, a repaired alternator, and a flight program in Honduras. Mike and I felt God’s peace and we knew that He is always in control.
  • Also, thank you for praying me not to get sick.
  • Thanks for praying for our partners UIM Aviation and AGAPE who are joining us in this ministry.

Cessna 206 Project

Pilot’s House Project

We are now ready to start raising funds to repair their Cessna 206 and renovate the pilot’s house.  The Cessna 206 has not flown in about two years. It will need to be inspected, and a variety of repairs will need to be accomplished, before it can be returned to service.  We want to bring it up to Texas where Mike and I can start working on it as soon as funds are available. 

The pilot’s house will need to be renovated and updated for our future pilot/mechanic and family.

Wings of Blessing now has our first ministry!  Would you join with us in raising the money needed to complete these first two projects?

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Thank you for your prayers and support!