Our Ministry


Guatemala is a country located in Central America that has been heavily influenced by the Mayan and Spanish civilizations.  This has created a diverse culture for the Guatemalan people, especially those living in the villages of the mountainous regions of the country. AGAPE, an aviation ministry with a long history of serving the Guatemalan people is reaching out to these isolated areas with the Gospel.  Wings of Blessing is partnering with AGAPE in ministering to these remote Peoples.

The rough mountain terrain and economic conditions have isolated these people from the benefits of the developed world.  The airplane provides a means for medical evacuation by carrying the sick to a location where they can receive health care.  It enables pastors to attend training seminars to better serve their churches.  Teams are brought in to minister to and encourage the local church.  AGAPE buys coffee from local farmers and flies the beans to market where they sell to coffee buyers for a profit providing a boost to the local economy.

AGAPE is in need of personnel and equipment.  They currently have a Cessna T206 and two Cessna 185’s.  Unfortunately, due to maintenance issues the 185’s aren’t flying and they are short-handed personnel wise.  Pray that God would lead us as we explore different ways that we can help serve the people of Guatemala.


We were invited to Panama to explore opportunities for ministry.  There are several indigenous groups tucked away in remote isolated  areas of the country, making it very difficult to access.  One large mission organization is reaching out to these groups, however, we were told of the difficulty they have when hiking into these remote areas.  The airplane would make it possible to increase ministry by providing easier access to the villages.  They could develop the pastoral training program by bringing pastors to a localized training facility where they could be trained and then returned to their village.  It would open the door for placing missionaries permanently in the area.  Plus, they could start outreach to other areas of the country.  The airplane also brings the benefit of medical evacuation and community development.  We were encouraged by the interest for a flight program and the potential benefit an airplane could have on ministry there.  Please pray with us as we continue to explore how God might use Wings of Blessing to build His Kingdom in Panama.