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Partner with Wings of Blessing Personnel
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Stand with Mission Workers by providing prayer and financial partnership.

(Pre-feild Mission Workers)

Partner with the Dack family

About the Dacks

Aaron and Katie are eager to follow God’s calling serving with Wings of Blessing. Aaron will be a maintenance specialist; helping build up the maintenance program and maintaining the aircraft Wings of Blessing operates. Katie will continue her role as a stay-at-home mom to their three children, Emeryk, Avlynn, and Zayne.



Aaron was born in Australia, moving to Wisconsin with his family at age thirteen. Aaron’s interest in aviation began in high school with a discovery flight at his local airport. A year, after graduating he obtained his private pilot’s license and began pursuing a career in aviation. Aaron received his Associates Degree in Liberal arts from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, and pursued Biblical studies through Okanagan Bible College. He accomplished his aircraft maintenance training, receiving an airframe and powerplant rating, along with an inspection authorization. 

Through all this God was laying ministry on Aaron’s heart, yet it wouldn’t be until eight years, two aircraft maintenance jobs, and three children later that the Lord would open the doors for ministry in mission aviation with Wings of Blessing.

“The Lord has always placed on my heart a great desire to use the skills He has given me to help build and serve His Church; Wings of Blessing is a great opportunity to utilize those for that very purpose.”


Katie was born in South Korea and raised in Michigan by her adoptive parents. She met Aaron at a small church in Wisconsin where Aaron’s family attended. Katie received her Bachelor of Biblical Studies in Youth Ministry from The Crown College of the Bible. She will be a vital partner and supporter of Aaron in the ministry as well as a home school teacher to their children. She looks forward to serving Christ and His Church wherever He may lead their family.

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(Executive Director)

Partner with the Mike Sayre

About Mike

Mike is the founder of Wings of Blessing. He is a commercial pilot with instrument rating, as well as a certified flight instructor. He holds his airframe and power plant maintenance licenses and has his inspection

Mike was introduced to missions as an early teen when his parents joined Wycliffe Bible Translators. They moved to the Philippines, where Mike finished high school at Faith Academy. It was during this time that Mike sensed the call to missions.

After high school, Mike started aviation studies at LeTourneau College. Although he didn’t complete his aviation training there, he did finish his maintenance and flight training with the goal of serving in missions. However, life sometimes has a way of interrupting intended goals, and Mike went to work for American Airlines where he spent 20 years serving in the aircraft maintenance dept. before joining World Team.

Prior to working for American Airlines, Mike attended Multnomah School of the Bible where he received theological training in preparation for ministry. Mike and his wife Margi, along with their four children, then served with World Team’s aviation program in Papua, Indonesia supporting Bible translation and church planting work among the tribal groups of the island.

Mike Sayre
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(Assistant Director)

Partner with the Brad Crawford

About Brad

Brad joined Wings of Blessing in August of 2016.

He attended LeTourneau College where he graduated with a BS Degree in Business Administration & Aviation Technology. While there Brad received his private pilot license along with his air frame and power plant maintenance license.

Brad then worked as an aircraft maintenance technician for American Eagle prior to joining Bell Helicopter in a variety of engineering positions.

Following his call to missions Brad then attended Dallas Theological Seminary and received a Certificate of Graduate Studies.

Brad and his wife Lori next served with Crossworld in Leipzig, Germany for 14 years helping to build the local church. They also served for 4 years at the Black Forest Academy, a Christian boarding school for missionary children in Southwestern Germany where Brad worked in the finance office providing support to the staff and parents. Being proficient in German, he also acted as a liaison between the school and its many German contacts.

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Mike Sayre
Executive Director
Brad Crawford
Assistant Director

Board of Directors:

  • Dan Bates
  • Mike Sayre
  • Roger Stuber
  • Mike Svaleson