Our Projects

[su_row][su_column size=”2/3″ center=”no” class=””]For many years this Cessna 206 has served a mission clinic in a remote region of Honduras called La Mosquitia, where a road system is non-existent.  It has provided life saving flights for the people living in the area where walking, horseback or canoe are the main modes of transportation.  A 15 hour trip can be reduced to 30 mins in the airplane.  Unfortunately, we are hearing stories of those who aren’t able to make it to the clinic in time for treatment due to the long and arduous travel required.  Wings of Blessing has offered to buy the Cessna 206 that belongs to Alas de Socorro (our partner organization in Honduras) allowing them to repay the debt that caused the shutdown of the flight program several years ago.  We plan to bring the airplane back to Texas for much needed maintenance and repair.  When completed the airplane will return to serve the Miskito people.

A new engine installation is needed, along with updated avionics and other repairs.  To accomplish this we need to raise the funds to purchase, repair and update the aircraft. 

Would you be willing to help Wings of Blessing achieve this goal?  We have launched a campaign to raise the funds necessary to buy and preform the required maintenance getting the airplane ready for service back in Honduras.  A donation of any amount will be used to bring this Cessna 206 back to service saving lives and building the Church in Honduras. 

We need to raise at $250,000 to buy the airplane, pay for legal fees and documentation, purchase a new engine, upgrade avionics and accomplish all the repairs.


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