Our Projects
Our next project is the Cessna 185 in the photo to the right.  This airplane PK-RWB (the Indonesian registration) was affectionately known as “Whiskey Bravo” (WB) and has roughly 12,000 hours of service.  If this airplane could talk, the stories it could tell of the tribal groups and missionaries it served during its 40 years of service in Papua, Indonesia.  We believe God wants to use this airplane to continue building the church.  Our desire is to either place it back in service or sell it and use the funds to purchase a Cessna 206 that would mutually benefit the ministry of our partner in Guatemala, AGAPE and Wings of Blessing.  However, after 40 years of rugged use in Papua it is time for the airplane to receive a major overhaul to bring the aircraft up to date.  

You could be a part of this by donating to the project.  Help put “Whiskey Bravo” back to work building the church in Guatemala.  Navigate here to find out how you can help. 

Whiskey Bravo