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November Update


Tropical Storm Lisa turning into a Hurricane!

Mike and I (and two of our board members) are scheduled to leave tomorrow Nov. 2nd for Ahuas, Honduras. Right now it doesn’t look very promising. Lisa is getting in our way. Lisa is a tropical storm that is turning into a hurricane off the coast of Honduras.

PRAY with us that God’s would move Lisa away from Honduras so we could make this trip.

Even if the main flight isn’t cancelled we have two other flights in small airplanes to get to Ahuas and they may not be able to fly in the bad weather. We are planning to spend a week there to inspect the Cessna 206 so that we can at some later date, make plans to repair it and bring it up to Texas for complete restoration. We are also going to be inspecting the pilot house to determine the amount of work needed to remodel it and bring it up to living standards for whoever will be serving in Ahuas. We will also be talking with the board of Alas de Socorro while we are there about our future plans of working together.

Pray with us for God’s wisdom and discernment for our travels and our time in Ahuas.

Meet our newest members

Aaron and Katie with their three children

The Dack family have been accepted as our newest Wings of Blessing members. They are starting the process of raising support before they can move here and start in the ministry. Please pray for them as they connect with ministry partners to join them in reaching the world for Christ.

Aaron will be using his maintenance skills to help develop the maintenance program at the headquarters here in Texas. We are looking forward to his helping us get the new flight program in Honduras started. Katie will be home schooling their three children and expressed her desire to be used as God directs.

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