Our trip to Ahuas, Honduras


Thank you for your prayers concerning our trip to Ahuas, Honduras. The hurricane stayed north of the country and we had great weather most of the time. We arrived in San Pedro Sula and made it through customs with a few minor problems. We took some aircraft equipment that had to be explained but after they realized we are a non-profit we were allowed to go through with no other problems.

We then traveled in a van for 4 hours East to the city of La Ceba. We overnighted there and the next day we flew in a small Cessna 206 to Ahuas. The weather was not great so we had to fly along the coast but it was a good trip. We spent the week in meetings with the Alas de Socorro board and a few other groups. We also did a detailed inspection of their Cessna 206 aircraft.


The instrument panel on the Alas de Socorro Cessna 206




Two of our meetings




Meeting and going over the log books of the Alas de Socorro airplane.

We had a bit of trouble getting it through customs but the borescope came in very handy to help us determine the condition of the engine.
We spent the week and decided that we will be needing to spend more time there. We will providing you with more information in the near future. Thanks so much for your support and prayers.

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